2020 Elizabeth Eve Press Release

Described by shoppers as ‘beautifully presented’, ‘amazing quality’ and ‘highly recommended’, Elizabeth Eve is a brand on the rise, building on a concept which started, as so many do, with a problem.

When hours of online hunting turned up a fruitless search for a new-baby gift for a colleague, Founder Beth Sherman was inspired to create her own solution.

Now boasting a range of gift boxes - including the original New Baby boxes, as well as a range of Bride boxes and Groom boxes, and even a ‘Create your own Gift Box’ option – Elizabeth Eve has become a renowned brand with a focus on beautiful and unique gifts for all occasions.

Each gift box, carefully designed and packaged by hand, celebrates collaboration with other contemporary creators such as Mallow & Marsh, Spacemasks, and Skin & Tonic, in a move which champions a growing support for the small business community. Each product has been carefully selected to complement the Elizabeth Eve brand, with a handwritten gift card adding a personal touch to every package. 

Of her new launch, Beth said; ‘When we first started out, the problem we faced was that so many new baby gifts focus on babies only. With the launch of our new ranges, we are aiming to promote self-care for all ages and occasions, reaching out to both men and women with gifts that attract all ages and genders’.


The full Elizabeth Eve collection is available online at

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