5 Tips For Starting A New Job

 Starting a new job can be exciting! A fresh start, a new challenge with a host of new people to get to know – amazing! But what happens when this excitement is mixed with anxiety or uncertainty? What if you don’t settle in or what if the work is harder than you thought? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that a feeling of anxiety around a new job is completely normal and is likely to be the case for every single person – whether they are starting work experience or even a top-level executive role. 

Moving jobs can be a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people, it's always important to remember that everybody had a first day once, and everybody has to learn their way through their jobs – however expert they might seem! To celebrate the challenge and help you go from stress – to success, here are some top tips to master your first week on the job!


Tip 1 – Dress the part

Now we all know that how you look isn’t everything, and in the working world, what is in your head is so much more than what shoes you are wearing! However!! Self-confidence is the sweet little key to that extra spring in your step and in your first week on the job, if your springy step can be helped by your ‘killing it’ jacket or if you feel amazing in your new work dress – then go for it! Consider what is appropriate for your new work environment and if you are not sure, then ask – this question is more common than you think and any boss will be happy to tell you what is expected and what is the norm for your new workplace. The great thing about a new job is the fresh start – so treat yourself to something new. You don’t need to break the bank and buy the latest Burberry Mac (although that would be nice!) go simple and buy a new pair of work shoes and you will feel smart, confident and ready to take on your new role.


Tip 2 – Ask questions

Asking questions should never be embarrassing – it shows you are interested in learning and are looking to find out as much as possible about your working environment. No matter how senior your role is, you can never be expected to know everything and even CEO’s ask a tone of questions to gain a full understanding of the company and job when they join. A great tip for learning on the job is to put in some time with your line manager or director to go through your role and responsibilities and ask all the questions you have. Writing a list of your questions and jotting down a few notes during your discussion will help you remember and retain information and also shows that you are listening.


Tip 3 – Get in early

Not only does the early bird catch the worm, but she also makes a good impression! Whether you are a morning person or not, getting into work early has a tone of benefits that hugely outweigh that extra 10-20 minutes in bed (and let's face it, you could just go to bed 15 mins earlier if you need the sleep). An early start gives you time for a good breakfast that will set you up for the day. Getting into the office or your work place early also gives you some time at the start of the day to check your emails, review your list, check there isn’t anything you have missed or simply adds a little time for you to chat and catch up with your manager. All of these benefits reduce stress and take the pressure out of your first few hours at work as you have a little time to get ahead – essential if your work place can be a bit hectic.


Tip 4 – Eat well / sleep well

This is the mum voice talking – eating well and sleeping well are essential when you are starting a new role. Any new job can be stressful and a change in routine or work load can tend to trigger anxiety in even the most confident person – so to combat this, consider your own self-care. Be sure to look after your health with a good breakfast and healthy snacks throughout the day (if your anything like me that’s every hour or two!). Also stay active, this helps with motivation and will keep you on the ball and alert throughout the day.  A good night of sleep is also essential to your self-care. Whether you like an early night or to relax with an aromatherapy candle or Spacemasks – treat yourself to some ‘me time’.


Tip 5 – Enjoy yourself!

Sounds a little cheesy but work shouldn’t have to feel like a chore – throwing yourself into your role and setting yourself targets and challenges can be great motivation to excel in your career and also impress your colleagues or boss. Whatever job you have, there will be pros and cons to your workplace but focusing on the pros and looking for opportunities to enjoy your role and make it your own will not only boost your enjoyment but also keep you motivated. Why not get involved in the social side of work and look for a group you can join, or a task that has been left by other people that you can take on yourself. 


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