Baby Oil Revolution

Baby oil

Soo…. We know that this is a bit of a thing, and has been for a while. But if you have not tried baby oil as moisturiser, you need to! Mums all over the country – ignore the promotion of snazzy expensive lotions and oils because baby oil does every thing you need it to and costs a fraction on the price. In our eyes if its gentle enough for baby then its got to be great. Here are the top uses we love –


Removing make up

Simply add some baby oil to cotton wool and gently wipe until all your make up is gone, leaving your skin super soft.


No need for expensive products, baby oil is great for shaving and removes the need to follow up with a moisturiser.

Make up brushes 

A little baby oil and water goes a long way and cleans your brushes without drying them out or creating  any unwanted build up.

Soft and clean hair

A small amount of baby oil massaged into your hair over night and washed clean in the morning will leave your hair renewed, refreshed while holding onto natural oils that keep in soft and silky.

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