Elizabeth Eve Meets Sara Quaglia

This month we spoke to the lovely Sara Quaglia who lives in a small village just outside of Zurich with partner Charles and 19 month old Catherine. Sara shares her story with us and some top tips for new parents!

What’s the best part about being a mum?

I was always very indecisive on what I wanted to do as a "grown up" and I never found something that Im really passionate about. Becoming a mother has completely transformed me and gave me a purpose in life: I want to be a mom that Catherine will be proud of and I work very hard to achieve that. I have so much more energy then before and I finally found something I truly love doing: blogging! I'm extremely busy now and there are not enough hours in a day but I feel accomplished like never before: I'm very happy!

What’s your top tip for looking after baby?

Follow your heart. There are so many type of moms and I definitely am the apprehensive kind. However, I strongly believe that there isn't a right or wrong way of parenting. Don't listen too much to other people advices and do what your instinct tells you. 

What’s your top tip for looking after yourself?

I find it very important to make time to follow some rituals: I like to wake up before Catherine and do my make up every single morning, that helps me to feel good and it's an act of love towards my self. I don't get much time for myself: my husband travels a lot and I work at my blog whenever Catherine sleeps but any small thing that I do for myself helps me to feel a woman and not just a mother.  

The best moment with your new baby?

Catherine recently started to show affection with cuddles and kisses and I LOVE those moments! She is quite a character but when she throws her arms around my shoulders my heart melts and I forget how challenging motherhood can be.

What was you Holy Grail product during pregnancy?

Throughout my whole pregnancy I used a cocoa butter from Palmers and I loved it! It smelled great, had a good consistence and I didn't get a single stretch mark on my belly!

Another product that I used was one of those big nursing pillow: I used it to sleep and it really helped with my sore back.

 What is your Holy Grail product now your baby arrived?

I would definitely say the Osa herbal gel for her sore gums. Catherine seems to suffer a lot when she is teething: especially at night she gets extremely clingy and won't sleep. Putting some drops of this homeopathic gel on her gums really helps her with managing the pain, relax and go back to sleep (even if for just a couple of hours!)?.


Tips / words of advice for new parents…

Try not to stress too much! I know it's easier said then done but I stressed way too much during the first months and it wasn't worth it. I missed the opportunity to enjoy those first crazy weeks because I was too busy worrying about many silly things, so try not to do that!

Give yourself credit for what you are doing, being parents it's amazing but it's also extremely hard at times!


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