Baby Sleep Myths - The Facts
Everyone knows that as soon as you have a baby there are so many rights and wrongs to work your way through and sometimes it can feel impossible to know what advice to take and what to ignore. Above all its important to seek recommendations from medical professionals like your midwife and GP or health visitor when you need extra support or some guidance through the mixed messages you are bound to get!
Encouraging your baby into a sleep routine is often number one on new parents wish list and ensuring that the new little one is getting what they need at the right times. Here are a few baby sleep myths we have encountered and hopefully- some guidance to put an end to the ‘oh yes- this is 100% true’ ! 

MYTH : Babies should alway sleep is a silent room or quiet space 


Very young babies can actually sleep better when its noisy, in the womb they will have been used to all sorts of noises - often loud ones! White noise for babies can be played to help relax newborns and encourage sleep when they are small as it blocks out other sounds an simulates the noise of the womb. There are several white noise players available and can also be found on Spotify. 

MYTH : You should never wake a sleeping baby 


Although you may be told this by you inlays when they pop round to visit - it is not always the case. In their first few months it is far more important to make sure your little one is getting the right amount of feeds and they are putting on a healthy weight (if you need guidance or a unsure of this then speak to your GP or health visitor). In your baby first few weeks they may be feeding every 2-3 hours so sometimes a gentle nudge awake for feeding might be required. 

MYTH : Every baby should sleep through the night at around 12 weeks


Although it would be lovely this is not the case and setting these standards will stress you out! All babies are different and the ability to sleep through the night can depend on how your baby feeds during the day and their routine - this can be depended on the baby and not whether you are doing anything right or wrong! There are some things you can do to encourage sleep through the night, for example - a calming and relaxing bed time routine encouraging baby to fall asleep on their own where possible. 

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