Alternative bride to be tips and tricks for a stress free wedding

Getting married shouldn’t be stressful and yet so many brides to be (and grooms to be) approach the big day with a 'cant wait for it be done’ feeling! Organisation can be full on and the years or months leading up to a wedding are often a period of juggling finances, logistics and fending off questions from family and friends – so what can a girl to do to take the stress out of the wedding planning process and enjoy the build up, planning and the big day without feeling overwhelmed for the wrong reasons?

Aside from creating pretty fabulous bride to be hampers, groom boxes and our special bride box filled with pamper gifts for the big day, here are some top tips to live by though your wedding planning to ease the pressures and shake off the expectations. Everyone knows that the alternative wedding is always pretty cool anyway!


Tip 1 – Get help

Yes the first step is sometimes the hardest – but luckily asking for help with a wedding is usually met by a resounding ‘yes – show me to the rose petals and glue gun!’. Try not to take too much on yourself and reach out to friends and family to lend a hand, everybody loves a job and, if you need it, call on your small army to help plan or prepare for the wedding day. Whether this is helping you – as the bride to be – to organise music, food, table layouts – whatever!

Now you don’t need to go full army general on your wedding team – creating jobs for the sake of it is not the way to go, instead – think of the essential areas you need help with and call on a few trusted friends for a wedding planning night. ALSO, who is the one person who should really be doing just as much as you … erm … the groom! Your wedding day is all about the two of you so make decisions together and he may not be a natural-born florist, but chances are neither are you so be sure to consult each other and ask for help, opinions and share the load.


Tip 2 – Detox your process

Weddings can be a mess of over complications - if you prefer the simple life or are holding an alternative wedding then avoid over complications and keep it simple. Simple is less stressful and just as good – if not better! There is no need to hand cut hundreds of tiny paper hearts, or sew napkins for 3 months if this isn’t your bag and you don’t enjoy it! There are tones of amazing wedding craft websites or simply decorations stores that will have loads of options for great value and don’t mean you will be finding crystals stuck to your carpet for months after. 

Another great way to simplify your process is to keep a list of all the planning details and stick to it, keeping things simple is all about having a common theme or style and staying on track. Some of the most beautiful weddings include the bride to be and groom sticking to a simple white colour pallet where all of the wedding decorations, and even gift tables relate to this simple style.


Tip 3 – Self care

As a bride to be you may be showered with hen parties, bridal showers and bride boxes of wedding gifts. But taking some time to relax and focus on your self care is vital to avoid stress. Eat well, sleep, enjoy time with friends doing non wedding related activities and take time with your partner away from wedding planning to chill out. Give yourselves a little home spa night or go for a weekends retreat a few weeks before the wedding. Self care packages are a great way to spoil your self and take a little time. The Elizabeth Eve Bride to Be hamper is packed with self care gifts to help you wind down and feel pampered before your big day.

Self care is a number one priority for every bride to be or groom to be who might be feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed. Here are a few ideas that have nothing to do with wedding planning and will give you a little TLC before the wedding day commences.

  • Take a couples spa day and put a ban on wedding chat
  • Go on a pre-wedding weekend away, try a UK Airbnb
  • Try an at home, self care pamper night, light some candles, get some food in and relax
  • Hold a pre wedding, girls night but without the wedding planning and glue guns


Tip 4 – Make memories

Sounds cheesy right? Your wedding will go by in a blur and you and your partner will collapse the next day and wonder how it flew by so fast. So enjoy the process and make memories with your family, partner and friends in the lead up to the big day and on the wedding day it's self. Keep a bride box of your little notes, photos and tokens from your wedding day to have as a keepsake. A lovely bride box or groom box makes a great memory box and you can hold on to a copy of your wedding invite, your table plan, even some dried flowers or your ring box. These keepsakes are often forgotten by the bride to be as the wedding whirlwind comes and goes.

Why not put together a wedding scrap book and include all you did in the lead up to the wedding. This doesn’t have to be the perfect Pinterest scrapbook of dreams but simply a collection of your favourite moments and memories.


Tip 5 – Have fun

Sounds obvious but try as hard as you can to enjoy the process and don’t stress the small stuff. It’s true that on the big day you won’t notice the small details and your just be floating around looking fabulous instead. As the bride to be or groom to be you will always feel the pressure of hosting so many people and wanting to ensure everyone has a good time – which they will! Keeping your wedding planning simple is the key to enjoying the process from start to finish. Unless your holding a royal wedding then your good to go with a classic wedding or alternative wedding where you can be yourself, and create the perfect personalised day. Take some time for you and your partner and have some fun! Your hen party and stag party nights are also a great opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy spending time with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Don’t forget to check out the Elizabeth Eve collection of bride to be gift hampers, bride boxes and groom gift hampers. Every box is packed with pamper, self care gifts as well as fun presents for the bride and groom. We also have the new ‘Will you be my bridesmaid box’ which makes the perfect surprise gift for your bridesmaid. The men's pamper sets are great gifts for your groom and his groomsmen to feel smart and chilled on the wedding day.

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