Create Your Own Groom Box

One thing that really stands out to me about weddings is how much focus there is on the bride and some times, how little focus there is on the groom! When you go to wedding venues the event planner will speak to the bride to be and sometimes even tell the groom that his opinion comes second – even in a jokey way – surely this is a bit outdated! We see this happen time and time again with weddings, bridal showers and babyshowers that the man plays second fiddle. Well no more! At least not when Elizabeth Eve gifting is concerned! We are here to fly the flag and champion grooms, dads and men who deserve just as much as the lady in his life! 

Although a small step for mankind, our Elizabeth Eve range of gift boxes are created to gift and celebrate men! Did you know the inspiration behind the brand came from looking for a new dad gift and finding that there really wasn’t all that much out there? 

The collection of gift hampers and self care packages at Elizabeth Eve include the Groom Box which is the complete luxury gift package for the groom to be, packed with wedding day essentials. Also available is the His Big Day Box and Pamper Box which make perfect groom gifts to look forward to and celebrate a wedding day.

But you may like to create your own gift hamper or Groom Box, which is why we went one step further with the custom box builder, a function where you can create your own groom box or self care package with all of your favourite fillings to make that big day or celebration extra special.

So what on earth is a groom box and why might your man need a little spoiling? Well, wedding planning can be pretty stressful and can last months or even years! That’s a lot of chats about cake flavours and decisions between types of flowers! On top of that, the groom to be, as we said can often come second place to the bride – how many times have you heard that it’s all about her big day? So gifting the groom and celebrating him, is just as important – a groom box is all about giving a few lovely luxury gifts ahead of his wedding day to make him feel extra special. It could be that you are giving a groom box the evening before the wedding as a special gift from yourself – the bride! Or perhaps a colleague has got engaged and your team would like to wish him congratulations! Whatever your reason, gifting the groom with a special self care package will be sure to make his day!


Ideas to include in your Groom Box

Something edible

We all know the way to a man’s heart (and I don’t think it's through his X-Box but let me know!) Be sure to include a sweet treat in your groom gift box. His favourite chocolates or sweets will do the trick, if he hasn’t tried Mallow and Marsh then pop these in from our custom box builder. Gooey handmade marshmallows with a twist feel fun and a little luxurious!

Something fun

Throw in something fun and make him laugh as he opens his groom box! Perhaps a game or joke – or even a fun piece of clothing for his big day! We have chosen our favourite wedding socks to add into our groom boxs with the wording ‘so you don’t get cold feet’ subtle but sweet, these socks are a great addition and unless he is a smart shoes, no socks guy (which I never understood) then these cosy socks are sure to come in handy in his care package.

Pamper him

It’s time to make him feel like the big bucks and add in some special skin care or pamper treats for him to enjoy. There are so many options to give him a little boost and chillout time ahead of the wedding day. Try out the Skin and Tonic beard and shave oil for fresh skin and soft facial hair, or spoil him by adding in a pack of spacemasks in his groom box. These self heating eye masks are pretty cool and are sure to help his with a good night’s sleep. We also love an aromatherapy candle, perfect for the wedding morning or perhaps a groom candle lit bath!

 Get the party going

What better way to get the party started early with his groom box – show you are excited for the big day and to dance the night away with some party gifts! Why not include a handy bottle opener for his wedding morning! Or perhaps a hip flask to pop in his pocket! Whatever you add into your groom box, make it personal and choose gifts he will love!


The Elizabeth Eve custom box builder allows you to select all of your favourite fillings and create your own personalised gift box or groom box. Find the perfect present and even create a bride to be hamper or special bride box for the hen do or big day. All Elizabeth Eve boxes arrive beautifully wrapped in our unique presentation box with handwritten gift card, so if you are giving this gift by hand or sending it from afar, it will arrive perfectly packed and personalised!

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