Elizabeth Eve Meets ... Ellie and Autumn Rose

This month we caught up with Ellie, mummy to Autumn Rose our gorgeous Brand Rep and Elizabeth Eve baby model! Ellie and Autumn Rose live in Coventry with Daddy, Marc and brother Nathan, 5 and Jacob, 3! 



What made you decide to be a brand rep?

There are so many amazing, independent, online shops which find it more challenging than the bigger brands to showcase their beautiful unique handmade products. I love supporting smaller businesses as well as having a passion for taking photos – especially of my children. Therefore it’s a no-brainier really as I get to work on enhancing my photography skills, capture photos of my children whilst promoting smaller businesses. 

What kids brands do you love? 

I love brands such as Mamas and Papas and NEXT, but more recently, I have been buying handmade clothes, lovingly made, by some incredibly talented people on Instagram. 

What is involved in being a brand rep?

I’ve been asked on many occasions what is involved in being a brand rep and my response back is exactly what the name is  – representing a brand.  This usually involves taking bright, clear, crisp uncluttered photos in natural light which can be used to advertise a brand. For example, modelling clothing. The brand or store are able to use these photos to promote their items as well as the photographer using their own Instagram feed to share photos with their followers – linking back to the brand / store’s Instagram page and website. 

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What are your top tips for great photography? 

When taking photos of your children, take as many photos as possible – yes, the majority of photos will probably end up in the ‘bin’ however you have a higher chance of capturing the perfect shot. Controlling and manipulating lighting is also a key factor when taking photos as this can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a terrible one. Where possible, look for bright sunny days (not always possible when it comes to the good ol’ British weather, I know) to get your camera our and take your photographs.

Where do you look for style inspiration? 

I am breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter so right now, a lot of my style inspiration comes from which clothes are breastfeeding friendly. I have been finding it challenging finding nice nursing clothes so I joined some Facebook groups that shares outfits which are perfect for breastfeeding mums.

Whats your top tip for keeping the kids busy in school holidays?

Getting outdoors is a must at keeping the kids entertained in the school holidays. There’s an endless list of things that you can do outside, in a big open space, whether it be going to the park, feeding the ducks, go puddle jumping and going on bike rides etc. It’s also a fantastic way for your kids to burn off some energy which should lead to an effortless bedtime – win, win!

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Whats are your top 5 must have mummy products?

Baby wipes – I cannot express just how important baby wipes are for mums! There’s numerous times throughout the the day where I have had to clean the kid’s faces and sticky hands – they’re also great for lots of other non-kid related things such as wiping tables when going to coffee shops! 
Deodorant – It can be a smelly business being a mum, especially when running around after the kids, rushing to swimming lessons or just doing the millionth school run of the day – so don’t get caught out and always keep deodorant in your changing bag!
A decent size changing bag – For me, my changing bag is my handbag as well as storing nappies, wipes (can’t forget them!), spare clothes and lots of other things - so there has to be lots of room in there.
Pushchair clips – When I was pregnant with Autumn Rose, a friend of mine told me that pushchair clips were a ‘must’ – and she was right! I can clip the boys’ school bags on to them when doing the school runs so I am not left holding bags as well as trying to push a pushchair.
Bibs – I always forgot to pack bibs in my changing bag when having the boys so when eating food, they’d always end up covered in what they had eaten.  This time, I am fully prepared and keep a pack of disposable bibs in the changing bag so there’s now no excuses for Autumn Rose to be covered in food! 

What have you got planned for the next few months? 

I have spent the past couple of years just being ‘mum’ so I’m really looking forward to doing something for me and beginning a college course, later this month, in photography.  The only time that I have been at a school, college and university is for my career but this time, I’m doing a course for something completely different – something that I enjoy doing in my spare time.  Fast forward to September 2018, once Jacob starts full time school,  I am looking at starting a Masters degree in Communication and Language Impairment in Children. My eldest son, Nathan, has speech and language problems so this is something that I am both personally and professionally interested in doing. I will return to teaching once I have completed the Masters degree which will be perfectly timed for when Autumn Rose starts school.


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