Elizabeth Eve Meets ... Belle and Baby

I caught up with Isabel author of Belle and Baby Blog and fabulous Instagram @belleandbabyblog to hear about her blogging experiences and inspiration behind her photography and style. 

Isabel, 25 lives with partner Nick and baby Orla, 18 months old! 


Hi Isabel, we love your blog! When and why did you decide to start blogging?

I decided to start b
logging when I was pregnant with my first, I wanted a way that I could stay busy and creative while on maternity leave and at the same time record the special journey into motherhood and also my baby's milestones as she reached them. I'm glad I have now,  I'm expecting again as it will be a nice thing to look back on and compare developmental leaps and see what we did at different points for comparison too ! 


belle and baby blog

How do you use social media alongside your blog? 

I use my instagram which is linked to my blog so that I have a base for followers to see when new posts are going up and also so pictures of what we have been up to appear on my blog.

What inspires your blog posts?

Motherhood and lifestyle is what my blog is based on so I take inspiration from challenges that are thrown at me in my own life for blog posts -to share ideas and experiences. For example if I am trying to keep my toddler entertained and think of or stumble upon some great activities I might do a post of ideas for others.


belle and baby blog


What blogs or social pages do you love to follow?

I love following other mums and bloggers from instagram and a few of my favourites would be -
I lovebeingamommy_ 

What top tips would you give mums looking to start blogging?

I would say just be original and write what you feel, share your authentic experiences and do it because you enjoy doing it more than anything else! 

belle and baby blog

What is your must have baby item you couldn’t be without?

Muslins - use them for everything from breastfeeding to a comforter to a sun shade and also a blanket there amazing. 

What is your must have mummy item you couldn’t be without?

White noise !


What have you got coming up on the blog soon?

I want to do another hospital bag post as second time round I think I am a bit more clued up what you actually use and don't use. Possibly a baby haul for products that I recommend for new borns and some more toddler activity posts. 
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