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We caught up with Michelle Lin, founder of Rad Dad Box - the amazing new gift package specially designed for new dads! Michelle and her husband Dmitry live in the US with their 9 month old son Gabriel. 

What inspired you to start your business?

I came up with the idea for the Rad Dad Box when I was pregnant and looking for a push gift for my husband. I found many gifts for new mothers, but very few for new fathers. Most of the gifts I saw for new moms were in the form of a care package, so that's what gave me the idea to start a box for new dads!


 the rad dad box gift

What kind of products can you get with raddadbox?

We have self-care items for Dad, like artisanal soap and hand sanitizer, on-the-go products like collapsible water bottles and a foldable utensil set, and some fun items, like a Pop Art camera we offer in our Hipster Dad gift box. Each box also has something for the baby. In our first box, for example, we had artisanal oatmeal and olive soap, "I'm not listening!" earplugs, a snowflake ornament, and a wooden llama teether for the baby. We try to source from small, artisanal businesses (think: products you can't get on Amazon).
In addition, we also create our own products. Everyone who purchases our box for the first time will receive a Rad Dad pin, and each box includes a parenting comic illustrated by us.


We love your Instagram! How do use social media for your business?

Thank you! We use Instagram to build brand awareness, but also to show the family behind the business, connect with the huge community of parents online, and celebrate fatherhood. We also love promoting other small businesses on Instagram! (like yours!)"


rad dad box michelle lin 

Why do you think its important to champion dads in parenting?

Dads have been playing a bigger role in raising their children, but they still get little recognition for it - from society, the media, and even their own families. If you pick up any parenting magazine, you'll see that the cover photo usually has a photo of a mother with children. The only time of year there's a dad on the cover is in June: for Father's Day. My husband was upset when, soon after our son was born, people asked him how the baby and I were doing, but didn't think about asking him how he was doing, even though he was just as tired, exhausted, and taking care of the baby as much as I was! I believe that children and society are better off when we acknowledge both of the parents' involvement in their children's lives.

What is your holy grail product for new mums and dads?

The footed sleeper! We still use it now, but it was especially useful in the early days when his socks wouldn't stay on and his umbilical cord hadn't fallen off yet! The bottle warmer was also incredibly helpful.

 michelle lin rad dad box

We are based in the UK - whats Canada like??

We are actually based in the US, but we did live in Canada (Montreal) for two years. It was very cold, but aside from that, we loved the city. It was very affordable, had a lot going on culturally, but was still very laid-back. 

Whats next for Rad Dad Box?

We are working on a line of dad-themed baby onesies that we hope to sell in our online shop and at fairs. We'll also be exhibiting at the Portland Babyfest NW expo in May, so if any of your readers will be in the area then, please stop by and visit! 
Find out more about Rad Dad Box here- 

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