Gift Ideas For New Parents

So your friend is having a baby and the insta announcement has broken!

Suddenly you are in a headspace you havn't experienced before. Two things are dawning on you,

Thing one - are you really that age when your friends are creating tiny humans and isn’t that the weirdest thing ever?! This is possibly the first baby you’ve met.

Thing two - who is this new little person, will they like you and how can you show your friend some mutual excitement - not sure running out for a forever friends teddy from early 00s Clinton cards will cut it?

The great news is - there are loads of ways to share in the excitement of a new baby. The bad news is - yes you are that old!

To help you out, here are our top tips for choosing the perfect baby gift.

Tip 1 

Cute clothes

There is nothing more exciting than picking out adorable clothes for a new baby and commenting on how tiny they are! Luckily we have included gender neutral baby grows, sleep suits and baby hats and mittens in Elizabeth Eve new baby gift boxes. Made from organic cotton, these baby clothes are perfect essentials for new parents and little ones in their first few months.

Tip 2 

Make it personal

Make your baby gift stand out with a unique thoughtful extra. We like to add the personal touch with our choice of Elizabeth Eve wrapping and gift card selection so you can create a gift as unique as the new little baby that’s on his or her way! Wrapping is available in coral, white and monochrome stripes - we can even mix and match if you ask us! 

Tip 3

Gift your friend too!

Baby’s get a load of gifts but your friend is the one carrying, eating for two (yey) and possibly feeling a little worse for wear in the first few months. We believe in leaving no one out and giving gifts that will lift the spirits and promote selfcare - that’s why our Pregnancy Package and New Dad Box include amazing goodies from London brand Skin and Tonic and Aromatherapy candles for a little zen time amongst the baby prep.

Some suggestions to get you started -

The Pregnancy Package

Perfect for that first baby announcement moment! The Pregnancy Package includes gorgeous white organic cotton baby clothes ideal for hospital bags and baby basics. And for the mum to be - Skin and Tonic Rose Mist is the perfect light, scented refreshing spritz to keep skin fresh and hydrated. Shop here 

The New Dad Box

Dads need gifts too you know! They might not get a baby shower but who wants to eat Nutella out of a nappy anyway. The Elizabeth Eve New Dad Box is designed for fun dads who can’t resist a hand puppet that doubles as a bath mit, or a board book that is designed for baby’s eye development. We have it all here, shop now.

The Hospital Kit

Did you know a hospital bag needs to be prepped, packed and ready weeks before the baby is due? With the Elizabeth Eve Hospital Kit we pack your unique baby gift with practice essentials for mum, dad and baby. Organic cotton baby clothes and a gorgeous swaddle blanket is accompanied by a luxury aromatherapy candle from Wild Heart Organics and everyone’s favourite sweet treat from Mallow and Marsh. Shop here 

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