How To De Stress With Self Care

In recent years we hear the words 'burnout', 'stress' and 'anxiety' so much more than ever before. As awareness grows around the importance of looking after our own mental health as well as physical health, many of us seem to push our own self care to the bottom of our ever growing to do list. Why?

When was the last time you posted a quote on Instagram, or a stunning view on facebook #takemeback but your actully rushing from one thing to another instead of feeling as zen as you'd like to be? Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

So what can we do to better look after ourselves and practise what we preach? Well -it's surprisingly simple but takes all the will power you have. Are you ready? Put your phone down, step away from your emails, walk away from the house work (yes – do it!) and simply take some time.

Easier said than done right? By now your phone is probably flashing with notifications, you might be wondering what’s new on your instafeed, your boss has probably emailed you and your thinking if you squeeze in the hoovering now you can catch up on Stranger Things later tonight. Hello overload and burnout.

Let's be honest – true meditation take ages to master and switching off is not all that easy – we have put together some practical and proven ways to boost selfcare without checking yourself into a no phones, no food, no fun yoga retreat.


  1. Pamper party for one

At least one evening a week give yourself an hour of pamper time on your own – litrally, shut the door. This doesn’t have to be costly or even perticulary special, but the simple act of taking time alone to do something for yourself that has no other aim than to make you feel good will boost your mood and perspective on whatever stresses you are dealing with. We highly recommended testing out the amazing, self heating Space Masks. Lightly scented and designed to aid relaxation, sleep and even migraines, these are perfect for that 30 mins-1 hour of ‘me time’.

Other things to do with your hour

  • Paint your nails (the whole 2 coats and top coat)
  • Apply a face mask
  • Take off all your make up and deep cleanse 
  • Colour your hair 
  1. Headspace

If you are interested in trying out a regular form of stress relief that you can check in with everyday, check out the app Headspace. Designed to be an introduction and bitesize version of meditation this app comes highly recommended by therapists and emotional health professionals. You only need 5 minutes a day and once you slot this into your routine, whether on your commute or just before bed, this app can hugely benefit your wellbeing and management of stress.

  1. Create an oasis of calm

Your kidding right? We hear you say! Realistically you are not likely about to flick on the mood lighting, the mist machine and the whale music! Good news is there are other ways to use your surroundings to your advantage and do self care in your own way. Creating an environment to unwind could be as simple as lighting an aromatherapy candle like this one from Wildheart Organics in the Elizabeth Eve Pamper Box. The fresh scent will fill your space and help you unwind from the day. With Lavender and Sandlewood scents, this candle is literally called Tranquil!


  1. Treat yourself

We so often find ourselves running around for everyone else without taking the time to treat ourselves and really enjoy the small things that we like. Remember self care isn’t selfish so if you make your favourite meal or take a day out to your favourite destination – that’s ok! Your enjoyment and passion with rub off on everyone around you so even more reason to keep yourself happy and healthy. To celebrate a little treat and non selfish goodie we have included the amazing Mallow and Marsh handmade mashmallows in our Elizabeth Eve Pamper Box – and if you stash these away somewhere no one else can find them we totally wont blame you – they’re delish!


  1. Speak up

If you are reading this and thinking you simply don’t have time for self care then consider who can help you. It may be as simple as asking your partner for some extra time or even reaching out to a friend for a weekly walk, coffee or movie night. As tesco so wisely says, every little helps, and its certainly true with self care. *pats back pocket.


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