New Years Resolutions For All

Ah new year! The time for reflection on the year gone by and time for thinking of resolutions and exciting plans for the year ahead! After the Christmas rush, crimbo limbo and then NYE prep – once January comes round we can often feel a bit wrecked, rather than rearing to go. Are you beating yourself up because you're still on the Quality Street? Or perhaps you are feeling the pinch a little early because your December pay was actually about 12 weeks ago! Never fear – our new years self care resolutions are here!


This year I will … unfollow on social media

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered why you aren't on holiday in a bikini and rich from just looking fabulous all the time? Even if the answer is no, then we fully recommend spending time refreshing and detoxing your social media feeds this year. Simply scroll through and anytime you see anything that makes you question your worth, your confidence or makes you feel like you need to do better – just unfollow (or mute)! Social media platforms have created an environment and a space for users to cash in on promoting the ‘perfect’ life and while this may sell products, it can certainly do harm to our self-confidence – you deserve better!


This year I will … move more

Instead of setting fitness or weight targets how about keeping it simple – just move more, get your body moving! Dance for an extra 30 mins on a night out, walk to the shops, run around the garden after the kids (or the dog), walk up the stairs at work instead of taking the lift! We all feel the pressure of feeling our best and more often than not this is down to our health, body image and comfort however strict eating plans and fitness regimes are not sustainable and rarely enjoyable – so setting realistic and enjoyable goals will both change your lifestyle and your outlook on personal mental and physical health.


This year I will … take some time out

‘Selfcare’ is a word we all say to our friends, colleagues, and family – but often not to ourselves! This year take some time out and treat yourself to something special, however extravagant or simple this might be. If your friend was feeling run down, tired and upset what would you tell her? These are the things we should tell ourselves more often to keep a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle. Taking time out can come in all shapes and sizes, we can't all book 2 weeks off and sit on a beach, but a simple self care box or evening manicure at home once a week can give the little but of TLC we need.


This year I will … learn something new

Learning keeps us young, this new year why not set a goal to learn a new skill, or go on a course you have been meaning to sign up to. This great resolution is perfect for everyone, young, old, parents, brides to be, teachers, grandparents – everyone! Learning comes in so many forms you can find something completely out of your comfort zone like learning how to be a fitness instructor, or build on an interest you already have, like learning about a subject area you enjoy. Give some power to your commute and listen to a podcast on the way to work – or read up while you take a lunch break. 


This year I will … celebrate

Celebration comes in all shapes and sizes and so often we forget to celebrate our achievements! This year why not make a point to celebrate every achievement for yourself and your friends and family. Why should parties be for just birthdays or weddings – how about a new job party? Or a friend's reunion party? Because who really needs a reason to come together and have a good time – all you need is your friends and family and some snacks (and cheese – what’s a party without cheese). Celebration could even be worked into your team culture at work, every time your team hits a deadline or beats a target – celebrate! You deserve it!


We hope these ideas have got you excited for the new year and ready for some self care, time out, learning and celebrations all rolled into one. If you are helping someone celebrate this year or sending some love to a friend, check out our Elizabeth Eve gifts for every occasion – or just because.

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