Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be pretty daunting if you are a non mum. Trying to come up with games that are not drinking games - or thinking of ideas to suit all guests from friends, to family and new grandmothers to be can be tough!

Here's a run down of some of the best ideas I have found in a little starter set for baby shower planning! 


Keep it casual - decorating and setting up in someones house will be much more comfortable and relaxed rather than hiring a venue. You are also able to save on catering and no need to worry about paying for hire. Guests will also be able to dip in and out when they want to and you can treat it as a relaxed afternoon activity rather than having a specific start and end time. 


This is where you can get a bit creative (if you want to). There are loads of fantastic ideas on Pinterest which is a great place to start. Whether you are looking to go full on blue or pink or something more neutral, bunting is a quick and easy way to decorate.  If you are not keen on making your own, simply buy some online. A coloured table cloth is another super easy way to add to your colour theme with minimum effort and cost. If your feeling really baby showery you could even go for a bit of confetti!
baby shower table


Food and drink

Dare I say - bring you own buffet! You could rally a few guest together and ask everyone bring a dish. Something easy to grab and eat is perfect, so no to spaghetti and yes to finger food! Dessert is another great opportunity to add to your theme and buy in (or make) decorated cup cakes. There are cute edible paper decorations available online that are easy to put together with a dab of icing and food colouring. 
baby shower cupcakes



This is probably the main source of worry when planning a baby shower. Not everyone is keen on the ‘eating brown foods’ our of nappy games! In stead of going too overboard its best to come up with around 3 or 4 games or activities and be flexible for which ones your group plays depending on the mood. Here are some ideas, 

1. Baby shower charades 

A great game to get your guests on their feet and get everyone in the group involved. Ask everyone in the group to write down 3 activities involving a baby and put them in a hat for teams to pick out and guess. Try adding in a describing round and a silent acting round. 

2.Guess the celeb parents 

In teams or pairs give guests a list of celeb couples and see how many weird celeb baby names your teams and guess. For an added extra throw in a picture round to guess the celeb kids from photos on a sheet. Have a prize ready for your winning group. 

3. Blindfolded nappy changing is a great game idea! 

Set up an area in the room and use some dolls and a basket of nappy and get your guests into two teams. See how many nappys each team can change against the clock and a countdown timer. 
baby shower game nappys


Gift giving

This is always a lovely part of the baby shower and whether you and your guests go all out or go for small and thoughtful gifts for the new mum, dad and baby - this is a great chance to give something personal. Looking for a unique gift is a great place to start, there are some incredible small business in the UK selling handmade, personal and one off gifts for new parents as well as babies! 
Best of luck with your baby shower planning! Let me know how it goes! :)

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