Ruth Crilly - The Uphill
We have been big fans of youtube and blogging, vlogging sensation A Model Recommends, Ruth Crilly for a long time so you can imagine our excitement when we saw that she was creating a Youtube channel about motherhood, product reviews and pregnancy. 
Ruth Crilly'd The Uphill has quickly gained over 8,000 followers and is already a firm favourite with an amazing 51 thousand plus views! Despite many youtubers sticking to make up and tutorial videos there has been a rise in lots of the big names breaking down the walls and creating more ‘real’ videos about experiences showing both the good and the bad - and we couldn’t be happier! Ruth’s Uphill videos are the perfect mix of reviews, beauty and her baby countdown vlogs - bringing us along for the pregnancy ride with her! 
We wish her all the best and can’t wait to see more of her journey! 

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