Spacemasks For Migraine Relief

As a migraine sufferer I can tell you that when a migraine sets in, you are all action stations to do everything you can to stop it worsening! I heard about Spacemasks being great for migraines on Instagram, I think somebody mentioned them in their stories - so decided to try them out!

Migraines can be caused by all sorts of things, certain food, light triggers, dehydration and most commonly – stress. A migraine is an intense headache that often starts with a visual disturbance, like a blurry spot in your vision. This can get bigger and often will be followed by a very bad headache and nausea. So all in all – not fun!

Self care is vital for migraine sufferers to stay on top of anything that might cause your migraine. Self care comes in all shapes and sizes. It might be a little self care gift to yourself or some extra time to relax. For most people, ongoing self care is the best combat for migraines – basically agreeing with your mum voice in your head telling you to eat well, have an early night and look after yourself.


Spacemasks For Migraines Review

I tried using Spacemasks last time I had a migraine because a) I was interested to see if they lived up to what I had heard, and b) my head bloody hurt so I was willing to try anything!

So what are Spacemasks and how do they work I hear you say! Spacemasks are the brainchild of founder Harriet who is both amazing on Instagram and has mastered the perfectly simple product and letting the quality speak for itself. They are individually wrapped eye masks in a navy blue colour with elastic loops for your ears to hold the mask in place. The eye mask gently heats once unfolded – giving this eye mask its unique relaxing quality.

Spacemasks for migraines are a great addition to your headache defense kit. They, of course, would not be enough to completely ease a headache (and I am not doctor but I would fully recommend speaking to your GP for a pescription for appropriate migraine relief tablets) however using a Spacemask definitely reduced the intensity of my headache while I used it and also is a great aid to help you sleep. The masks are very lightly scented but this is not intense in any way or even strong enough to notice in any big way – just enough and not too much! 

Where there any drawbacks? Only that they didn’t stay heated for as long as my migraine lasted! But I would fully recommend keeping these nifty eye masks handy if you, or someone you know suffers from migraines or stress related headaches. I have even considered adding one to each of my bags just in case along with my Migraleve!

spacemasks for migranes  

We are delighted to include Spacemasks in our Elizabeth Eve hampers. These are also available in our custom box builder sold in packs of 5 or individually so you can create a self care gift box or a pamper gift box and pop in a little extra relaxation!

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