Top 5 Best Baby Announcement Ideas

Nothing could be more exciting than telling family and friends about a new baby that is on his or her way! And we got thinking about the best baby announcement ideas. Sharing in the celebration and excitement is a great way to help you prepare for your little bundle and include everyone in your new little family. If you are looking for the best baby announcement ideas - you have come to the right place! We have put together our top 5 baby announcement ideas to make this special moment memorable!  

So what is a baby announcement? Growing in popularity in recent years, baby announcements are a special surprise for grandparents, family and friends to let them know you are expecting. You may have been keeping this secret for weeks and months and are now ready to tell everyone! Baby announcement ideas come in all shapes and sizes, you could be looking to go all out and film this moment to share online and watch again and again, or you may want to do something low key and extra special to surprise the new grandparents. 

Here are our top 5 best baby announcement ideas ;

Couples Photo

This is a great idea to reach family and friends who live further away. An adorable photo is so easy and quick to do and captures a special moment for you and your partner. Whether you chose to go for a funny picture or a cosy cuddle, this is a lovely keepsake and surprise for your family. Try heading outside for the best lighting and play around with different poses and ideas. We love this idea using the 12 week baby scan. Why not go all out and have the photo made into cards or post cards to send to your loved ones. If you are approaching a special day, like Christmas - pop these in your Christmas cards and make the holiday one to remember with your fab baby announcement idea!

Best Baby Announcement Ideas
Get the pets involved 

Don’t fancy being in the photo yourself? No problem - that’s what pets are for! Get your fury friends involved and snap a funny photos for you to treasure for years to come. Grab a white board or chalk board and your recent scan and get snapping. You could send this photo out by post or simply online to share you new baby news and make the moment memorable. Why not throw in some props like tiny baby shoes or a cute wooden toy to make you pic extra shareable. Get your pet pal a little big brother or big sister sign and add in the due date - how cute is the dog baby announcement photo including the new baby scan and both dogs unaware of whats to come!

 Best Baby Announcement Ideas with dogs


Baby Grow 

A favorite among new grandparents - surprise them with an adorable ‘coming soon’ babygrow and baby gifts for them to keep and treasure until the new little baby arrives with this cute baby announcement Idea. This extra special gift is the perfect reveal if you are visiting or seeing your parents as you get to watch their faces as they open the special gift box to discover what’s inside. Includes with this gift box is the amazing monochrome baby board book designed specially for baby's eye development in their first months. Also included is a cute silver heart keyring for the new grandparents to keep and treasure as a special keepsake gift from their new grandchild. Wrapped in soft tissue in an Elizabeth Eve giftbox, this present is the perfect surprise for grandparents to be celebrating a new baby annoucement.




Get the kids involved and let them break the news with this popular baby announcement idea! Whether they are thrilled or a bit unsure - this is a great moment to share with them and include them in the excitement of the new baby reveal. Set up an adorable photo or include them in the announcement in person - we love adorable outfits and a miniature version for the new, expected baby. Try out big brother and big sister t shirts or get the kids to write the announcement themselves to share with the rest of the family. Why not even film their reaction to the exciting news!


Best Baby Announcement Ideas with siblings
Use the pregnancy test 

Sounds strange but get creative and have fun with your baby announcement ideas - make this moment personal to you and your partner. Reenact that special moment when you found out or snap a hilarious photo of you both and your positive test. Add in a due date message or a reference to your favourite activity or hobby - have a favourite football team? Grab a mini kit! 


funny Baby Announcement Ideas

We hope these baby announcement ideas has given you a few plans to kick start your plans! Check out our new baby gift boxes and grandparents gift box here.

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