We only include brands we truly love in Elizabeth Eve boxes! -The latest collection has been created around fun, British, independent companies with one vital thing in common - a passion for making the best product possible. There is nothing better than discovering a new product, be it for skin care, relaxation or simply a tasty treat! Here is a little more about our faves and why they are included in Elizabeth Eve gift boxes. 

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Space Masks Eye Masks


What are space masks I hear you ask! The answer is simple - they are essential!  Created for perfect relaxation, these self-heating masks are the ideal treat for anyone looking to take a moment from their hectic lifestyle. In every box are 5 masks wrapped in foil pouches. The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air - it is totally safe. A relaxing a light jasmine scent transports you to an oasis of calm.


Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil


Kokoso has been a firm favorite of Elizabeth Eve for some time! This totally organic coconut oil range is the purest, gentlest and kindest way to care for your baby's skin.  In the tropics, coconut oil has been used to nourish and moisturise skin for generations. Raw virgin coconut oil contains a unique combination of medium-chain fatty acids called lauric acid – a magical healing agent also found in breast milk – as well as caprylic acid and capric acid. Perfect for both mum and baby, Kokoso coconut oil is kind to even the most sensitive skin types.


Mallow And Marsh Marshamallow Company


Marshmallows with a bit of passion! Handmade in the UK these delights are like nothing you will have tried before. Founder Harriot started out experimenting in her kitchen with homemade marshmallows and quickly realised they were better than any marshmallows she had bought in a shop. After an appearance on Dragons Den, the brand took off and the company now makes a whole host of flavors while staying true to their roots with perfect whipped, handmade tasty treats.


Skin and Tonic Organic Skincare company


Finding perfect skincare products only happens a few times in your life! Sounds extreme but it’s true! When you find something that agrees with your skin you stick to it! After life and health caught up with founder, Sarah in 2009, she realised she needed to make a fresh start. After making lifestyle changes for her health, Sarah turned her attention to skin care, a vital part of self-care. Years of research and science went into developing the natural products which now form Skin & Tonic.  

Little black and white book project



Did you know when your baby is born their retinas are not fully developed and your baby sees the world very differently to an adult. Research has shown that black and white, being the ultimate in high contrast, registers the strongest on a baby’s retina which in turn stimulates the brain. The Black and White Book Project brings together founder Ruths, love of animals and skills as a designer to create the engaging and charming range of baby board books.   

Since launching in 2016, the business has gone from strength to strength. Winning two awards, a visit to No 10 Downing street and being named as one of the top 100 UK small businesses in the Small Business Saturday campaign 2018.

Wildheart organics candles and skincare


Wildheart organics use 100% essential oils all blended to enhance your mood and wellbeing and are certified natural perfumers. Founder Emma brings together her passion for aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of using essential oils to create the range that includes scents for wellness, stress relief and relaxation.  With fully recyclable packaging and handmade products, Wildheart Organics is a fantastic and unique british brand with a wide range of aromatherapy candles designed for relaxation and self care.